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Medical Records


Business Hours:   

Monday to Friday:   8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (with noon break)

Saturdays and Holidays:   8:00 AM – 4:00PM 


This covers processing of requisition of Medical Certificates (for both non medicolegal and medicolegal purposes), Certificate of Confinement, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, and claim forms for SSS, GSIS, and Health Maintenance Organization/insurances.


  • Fill up a request form.
  • Present an authorization letter from the following:
    • Patient himself (if the requesting party is other than the patient)
    • Attending physician
    • Parents (if requesting for a Birth Certificate)
  • For Health Maintenance Organization/insurances, the requesting party must present an official form of his/her designated HMO.
  • For Medical Abstract needed for Medical-Financial Assistance for Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office (PCSO), the requesting party must present an endorsement letter from the Social Service Department of the hospital.
  • Receptionist will explain and give further instructions on specific request.
  • Payment of necessary processing fees



This covers information related to the patient’s health condition and status, diagnosis, treatment, diagnostic examinations, records of operation (if any) and all related health professional details.


  • Fill up a request form.
  • Signed authorization from patient for release of medical information
    • If the patient is a minor, signed authorization from one of the parents or legally appointed guardian
    • If the patient has died, signed authorization from the identified next of kin.
    • If the patient is unable to sign the authorization because of physical or mental disability, signed authorization from the next of kin or legally appointed guardian. If possible, verification of such disability should be obtained from a physician.
    • A patient, who is a minor but married, or self-supporting and living apart from the parent’s residence, may sign his/her own authorization.
  • Payment of necessary processing fees

Dial loc. 107 for more inquiries.