Open 24/7 Emergency call numbers
(083) 553 3891
+63923 650 2365
Call (083) 250 2777 (083) 250 2888 Information Loc 9 +63933 821 7262

Information and Admitting Section


Our front desk is located at the Hospital Lobby.

Patient’s Visiting Hours: 9:00am – 9:00pm.

Dial loc. 9 for more inquiries.



The Admitting section and ER personnel will facilitate your admission.

You/your relative will be requested:

  1. To present your doctors’ order sheet. For walk-in patient, the ER physicians will make an admitting order after taking your history and physical examination.
  2. To fill up admission form. Information requested is designed to make your records as complete and accurate as possible.  This is a vital procedure and we appreciate your cooperation.
  3. To select the type of accommodation that you want.
  4. To sign forms of consent for hospital care and acceptance of financial responsibility and other forms needed.
  5. To wear your ID band within GSDH premises.



A written order for discharge will be made by your attending physician.  The nurse on duty encodes the PF and Diagnosis to allow the BO to finalize the statement of account.  You are then requested to:

  1. Secure your Statement of account at the billing section. The billing personnel will accommodate any queries regarding your billing concerns.
  2. Settle your accounts with our cashier after checking your bills. Always ask for an official receipt for payments made.
  3. The Cashier will give you a discharge clearance in triplicate copies.
  4. Give the original copy of the discharge clearance to the Nurse on duty who will then give you your home medications and instructions.
  5. Wait for our orderly to wheel you to leave the hospital as needed. Prior to this, may we ask your kind patience while the nursing aide checks on the completeness of the room amenities.
  6. Surrender the duplicate of the discharge clearance to the information and the triplicate to the guard.