Open 24/7 Emergency call numbers
(083) 553 3891
+63923 650 2365
Call (083) 250 2777 (083) 250 2888 Information Loc 9 +63933 821 7262

Financial Arrangements


  1. Upon admission, you will be requested to go to the Billing section located at the left side of the Main Entrance Door at the ground floor to make necessary arrangement of your stay.
  2. A minimum partial payment depending on the room rate is required on admission except on emergency cases.
  3. For payment we accept cash and credit cards such as VISA and DINERS card. Personal check is not accepted.
  4. For company or HMO sponsored accounts, a letter of authorization (LOA) should be submitted upon admission or may be forwarded to the BO within 24 hours of admission.
  5. ATM services.
  6. CITIBANK paylite program
  7. All payments are to be made ONLY at the Cashier Office.

Dial Loc. 124 for more inquiries.