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About Us


General Santos Doctors’ Hospital (GSDH), as it stands today, is a story anchored on its pioneering and visionary founders.  Its story began in 1968 when a change in the healthcare setting of General Santos City sprouted.  Among visions for the city’s progress, one vision stood out; a vision for a quality institution to make healthcare accessible to the people and for doctors to have access to modern medical and surgical facility.  This burning vision initiated by Dr. Venancio Yap found strong support from co-founders, Dr. Genaro Valencia Jr., Dr. Sergio Demontaño Sr., Dr. Mariano Chu and Dr. Celso Sta. Ana.

Began from a VISION, became a CONCEPT, then to a CONCRETE development, GSDH eventually became a pioneering modern hospital which opened its doors to the public on the 8th of December 1970, under the administration and pastoral expertise of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres.  Ideally located in the heart of General Santos City, GSDH is easily accessible and it serves patients not only from the City but also from nearby provinces of South Cotabato and Sarangani,

Through the years, GSDH continued to embrace innovations to improve healthcare delivery, slowly but progressively surpassed hurdles, and guided themselves with a principle of service to its patients, community, medical staff and employees.  GSDH had a well-earned evolution from a 48-bed secondary hospital to the current modern       202-bed tertiary hospital.   An advanced Medical Arts Building will soon to open in front of GSDH to serve as a place for multi-specialty physicians to provide quality outpatient care to the rapidly urbanizing population of General Santos City and the SOCSKSARGEN region.   In addition, a four-storey new wing with two elevators will be built in the fourth quarter of 2014 to accommodate 75 patient rooms to answer the pressing need for more hospital beds in the city.

Envisioning a “one-stop shop” medical center that is technically advanced, comprehensive and patient friendly, its mission includes the pursuit of excellence and innovation to offer globally competitive services and the total development of its caregivers through education and training of both the medical and paramedical staff.  Likewise, it consistently aims to deliver holistic quality healthcare services to all, without distinction.



We envision General Santos Doctors’ Hospital as;

“A Christ Centered and innovative healing institution, committed to providing holistic quality healthcare to all”

We commit to:

  1. Provide compassionate health care services
  2. Consistently deliver personalized holistic quality care services
  3. Pursue Excellence and value innovations for financial sustainability
  4. Develop and empower our health care providers
  5. Value life and advocate bio-ethical principles



Mother-Baby Friendly Initiative and Lactation Management Programbaby_friendly_logo

1. Breastfeeding policies and procedures must be explained to all personnel and posted in all areas of the hospital

2. All hospital personnel must undergo training on breastfeeding and lactation management program and must initiate and implement them wholeheartedly.

3. All pregnant mothers for prenatal check-up and admission must be encourage, taught the importance of breastfeeding and rooming-in, and must sign the waiver before admission.

4. Hospital policies and procedures must be explained and interpreted by the staff nurse / midwife to the expectant mother.

5. Practice of skin-to-skin contact must be done unless contraindicated.

6. Newborn babies must be roomed-immediately.

7. The staff nurse / midwife must initiate and encourage breastfeeding on demand.

8. Prelacteal feeding must not be given to the newborn nor artificial teats or pacifiers.

9. The hospital must strictly follow the provision and regulation of RA 7600 the rooming-in and breastfeeding Act and EO 51 on Milk Code.

10. Hospital guards must be authorized to confiscate feeding bottles and follow-up must be done by the nurses / midwives.

11. Healthcare staff must coordinate with private doctors and clinics for proper follow-up of post partum cases.


B   est for Babies

R   educes incidence of Allegies

E   conomical

A   nti-Bodies

S   tool Innofensive

T   emperature always ideal

F   resh Milk

E   motionally Bonding

E   asy once established

D   igested Easily

I    mmediately available

N   utrition Optional

G   astroenteritis



Emotional Bonding

  • Close, loving relationship between mother and baby
  • Mother more emotionally satisfied
  • Baby cries less
  • Mother behaves more affectionately
  • Less Likely to abuse or abandon baby


  • Children perform better on intelligent tests in later childhood



GSDH offers an Internship Training Program for graduates of Doctor of Medicine and is accredited by the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Foundation Inc (APMC).


It is a full-time mixed internship designed to enhance both the academic and technical proficiencies of the graduates as they prepare to serve their patient, the family and the community.  Interns are fully supervised by the consultants and there are program coordinators responsible for the interns’ general welfare and decorum.

Interns, under the supervision of consultants, regularly hold grand rounds, morbidity-mortality conferences and do ward/patient rounds.  They are likewise encouraged to participate in conventions, symposia, training held locally and those within the region as long as their welfare and security are assured.

Interns shall rotate in all four major departments and community medicine as well as in other disciplines.  The program shall be 12 months and the duration of rotations shall be as follows:

  • Medicine  (2 months)
  • Pediatrics  (2 months)
  • Surgery  (2 months)
  • Obstetrics-Gynecology  (2 months)
  • Community Medicine  (2 months)

Electives  :

  • Anesthesia  (Straight 2 weeks)
  • Radiology  (Straight 2 weeks)
  • Dermatology  (Distributed 2 weeks, once a week)
  • Ophthalmology  (Distributed 2 weeks, once a week)
  • ENT  (Distributed 2 weeks, twice a week)
  • Psychiatry   (Distributed 2 weeks, twice a week)
  • Rehabilitation  (Distributed 2 weeks, once a week)

GSDH provides benefits and amenities to interns such as:

  1. Quarters and lounges
  2. Free meals and snacks
  3. Stipend of Php3500.00/monthly