Open 24/7 Emergency call numbers
(083) 553 3891
+63923 650 2365
Call (083) 250 2777 (083) 250 2888 Information Loc 9 +63933 821 7262

Emergency Services

emergencyservices1Ambulance service is one of the vital health services for the delivery of pre and post hospital care to a sick or to an injured patient resulting from an emergency or disaster. The Emergency Medical Services of GSDH, operating 24/7, includes the following:

  1. Providing the proper care and treatment of patients before transporting the patient from the incident site, and while en route to the emergency room of the receiving hospital for definitive care;
  2. Rendering first aid and rescue services as requested and as deemed necessary in time of disaster and relief operations;
  3. Participating in disaster preparedness and awareness program and drills, and to support government and non-government units as approved by the hospital administration;
  4. Transporting patient from GSDH to other medical facility, and or home as requested;
  5. Transporting in-patients to other health facility for diagnostic and treatment purposes; and
  6. As a special health service, rendering emergency medical care and life support to sustain the stability of the patient in transit to and from the hospital.


The GSDH Ambulance, carrying the necessary medical care providers, is equipped with state of the art life saving equipments to attend to the vital needs of an injured/sick patient. The highly trained Emergency Medical Staff, with comprehensive training and education, accurate patient assessment and good judgment, is geared towards the delivery of quality emergency medical services.