Open 24/7 Emergency call numbers
(083) 553 3891
+63923 650 2365
Call (083) 250 2777 (083) 250 2888 Information Loc 9 +63933 821 7262

Room Amenities


Room facilities will depend on the type of your room.

1. Admission kits are provided at a minimum cost.

2. Linen will be changed daily in the Private Rm. & every other day in the WARD.

3, Portable electrical appliances such as electric fan, airpot, and radios maybe brought in at an added cost but must be cleared with the nursing station before installation.

3. Telephone : Your telephone maybe used both for inside and outside calls.  To make an inside call dial the local number of the party you wished to talk to.  For outside calls dial 9 for operator assistance.  Nurses Station and Department phones are for hospital and physicians use only.  You can avail of the Piltel, Smart Talk, Bayantel payphones that have been installed in the lobby of the second floor in front of 2B station and at the back of the Security Guard post at the main entrance door.

4. Call System: Your room is equipped with a nurses calling button.  Press the plunger when you need assistance.  It will remain lighted until the nurse comes and reset the button.  You may also call the nurses station through the telephone.

5. Notices: Notices such as “No Visitors”, “Don’t Disturb”, “Limit Visitors” and others maybe posted at your door upon Doctors’ order and/or patients request.

Dial loc. 9 for more inquiries.