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Training Program


GSDH offers an Internship Training Program for graduates of Doctor of Medicine and is accredited by the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Foundation Inc (APMC).

It is a full-time mixed internship designed to enhance both the academic and technical proficiencies of the graduates as they prepare to serve their patient, the family and the community.  Interns are fully supervised by the consultants and there are program coordinators responsible for the interns’ general welfare and decorum.

Interns, under the supervision of consultants, regularly hold grand rounds, morbidity-mortality conferences and do ward/patient rounds.  They are likewise encouraged to participate in conventions, symposia, training held locally and those within the region as long as their welfare and security are assured.

Interns shall rotate in all four major departments and community medicine as well as in other disciplines.  The program shall be 12 months and the duration of rotations shall be as follows:

  • Medicine  (2 months)
  • Pediatrics  (2 months)
  • Surgery  (2 months)
  • Obstetrics-Gynecology  (2 months)
  • Community Medicine  (2 months)

Electives  :

  • Anesthesia  (Straight 2 weeks)
  • Radiology  (Straight 2 weeks)
  • Dermatology  (Distributed 2 weeks, once a week)
  • Ophthalmology  (Distributed 2 weeks, once a week)
  • ENT  (Distributed 2 weeks, twice a week)
  • Psychiatry   (Distributed 2 weeks, twice a week)
  • Rehabilitation  (Distributed 2 weeks, once a week)

GSDH provides benefits and amenities to interns such as:

  1. Quarters and lounges
  2. Free meals and snacks
  3. Stipend of Php3500.00/monthly